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The path to home ownership for the self-employed is about winning. As Self-Employed, Business Owners or Independent Contractors our livelihood is about winning.  We know what it takes. We create plans with careful insights to win. Securing a mortgage for our home is in our wheelhouse.

 Creating the process for Self-Employed, Business Owners or Independent Contractors to qualify for a home loan is core to ExpressRealEstateLoan.com. Here is a quick over view how we can win together.



Get your home self employed

 Play to Win

  • Start with the end in mind

  • Understand what it takes to win a mortgage

  • Do the work to win

Achieving a home loan being self-employed is likely with the right lender.  Receive a significant savings by requesting a Free No Cost Loan Evaluation!





Define Winning

  • Keep an eye on the goal – Home ownership

  • Don’t let others define our goal – rates, loan types or other consumer class must haves

  • Know the cost of winning – True ROI or cost benefit analysis


Home ownership has more benefits than a tax deduction. As Self-Employed, Business Owners or Independent Contractors, we value our freedom and independence. Add all the benefits of home ownership when calculating the cost benefit analysis. Winning is finding you the Best Self-Employed Loans with the Lowest Rates!



The Rules and the Rules Makers

Understanding the Rules Gives a Competitive Advantage


  • Who wrote the rules -- HUD/Fannie Mae/Lenders

  • Why where the rules written – Try to create numbers to check to mitigate loan losses

  • Who follows the rules – lenders – the people whose money we want


We have loans designed specifically for self-employed individuals. You won’t be asked to submit documents and forms just to make the process difficult. Talk to a Loan Advisor today and experience the difference of a mortgage broker who knows Self-Employed, Business Owners or Independent Contractors.



Choose the Best Option for You

  • Evaluate the options you have and act

  • Don’t let perfect stand in the way of your goal

  • Fairness is not an option – Only what the market place has is the option

Self-Employed, Business Owners or Independent Contractors have many options for a real estate loan. Get Pre-Approved FAST! Some types of loans are 12 or 24 Month Bank Statement Programs, No Tax Return Loans, No pre-payment penalty, some Stated income loans or No document loans, full-documentation loans and many more.




Playing the game by the rules and Win


  • Play the game by the rules and Win

  • Achieving the goal regardless of the cost

  • Winning is the journey

Self-Employed, Business Owners or Independent Contractors Win with the right team. ExpressRealEstateLoan.com is a mortgage broker designed to do the work and search hundreds of lenders to provide you with the largest savings! Request your Free No Cost Loan Evaluation… Now!



Get your home self employed

  • Keys to Securing Home Mortgages

  • Insight into Specialized Income

  • Experience with Self-Employed Loans

  • Multiple Real Estate lenders

  • Creative Real Estate Loans

  • Low Rates

And Many Other Ways to Help Self-Employed, Business Owners and Independent Contractors Receive a Real Estate Home Loan