Mortgage Brokers have many Mortgage Programs

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We are very different than other mortgage companies out there, we are both a mortgage bank and a broker. What does this mean to you? It means we fund loans and we also broker loans out to other lenders.

Next, we use the power of many different lenders to compete for the business. We have loan products that don’t fit the average mold and all the traditional products with the best possible rates out there.

CLA makes hard to qualify borrowers’ loans. We can get well-qualified borrowers a lower rate which means they can buy more home. And we can qualify Jumbo loan borrowers with a conventional loan which means they can buy the home they want.

I am a veteran and I am very proud of our VA loans. We not only help veterans with low credit scores like 500, but have great loans for a well-qualified veteran.




Buyer needs more income to buy home? Maybe not!

We have a lender program that can go up to 57% of DTI for FHA loans!

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VA Loans with FICO's as low as 500!

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